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It takes advanced skill to perfect low-costing, highly-optimized ad campaigns. If you’re not careful, you’ll run up a massive bill in no time, and might not even have the results to show for it.

The average cost per click (CPC) on Facebook is $1.72. For $49, that would only yield you 28 clicks. And who knows if they’re even really interested in what you have to offer.

But for only $49 for an entire YEAR, you can have direct exposure to users, specifically interested in your niche. Not only that, but you can interact with them in real time, really building quality leads and long-term customers.

Business pages are great for...

(but not limited to)


Do you make or sell products? Share your latest items, sales, release special promos & more.

Restaurants & Pubs

Feature menu items, happy hour news, takeout specials - whatever you can think of!

Brands & Organizations

Are you an event, cultural society, brand, or anything in between? This is for you!

Just some of the benefits...

Personalized Profile

Select your own user name, profile & cover image

Create Galleries

Create galleries to upload multiple photos.

Activity Feed

Your posts will show in the site feed, as well as your profile's timeline.

Instant Messaging

Message directly, and privately, with customers and convert sales faster!

Grow your Following

Any user can see your page, but they can also choose to "like" or "follow" you.

Share Video & Links

You can upload video files, or share external links.

Genuine Users

As we are a paid-membership site, there is very little worry about spam bots or fake profiles.

Celtic Marketplace

Also have an online store in the Celtic Marketplace? A link gets displayed on your business page, automatically.


Collaborate with us on events, where we can feature your business, services, and products!

Sell Directly on Celts Connect!

Sign up for a vendor membership instead, and you’ll also get an online store in our Celtic Marketplace, with full control of your products pricing, shipping, coupon codes, data tracking & more

Best of all – there are NO COMMISSION FEES!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of our FAQ’s

Unfortunately no. In efforts to prevent the site becoming a haven for spam, we have specifically devised the two account types: Individuals, and Businesses.

Individual accounts which are found to be used for business promotion will be issued a warning. If abuse is continued, they will ultimately be given the option to upgrade to Business, or have their account removed.

Yes. Any account that does not represent the individual using the account, needs to have a Business or Vendor account.

However, your organization may be eligible for our Non-Profit Program, which would waive your membership fee, and offer other perks as well.

Contact us to learn more.

Absolutely! Once you are registered for a Business Account, you can use your page to promote your business, services, or products however you choose — so long as it complies with our Terms & Conditions.

Again, absolutely! Your page is yours to promote however you see fit. 

Unfortunately no. Fees are collected as an annual membership, which is renewable. If you decide you’d like to move on, no problem! Simply make sure to cancel your membership prior to your renewal date, and you won’t be charged anymore.

Definitely! We have other options, such as our Celtic Marketplace, for selling directly on the site. But we also have other options for advertising throughout the site, or partnering to bring you tailor made events and opportunities for promotion. Contact us to learn more!

We can definitely help you out! We have a knowledge-base with loads of helpful information on how to get started, and navigate the platform.

Still need help? Simply open a support ticket, and we’ll help guide you through setup.