Advertising & Sponsorship

Advertising & Sponsorship

Gain exposure directly with your target market - Without breaking the bank!

It takes advanced skill to perfect low-costing, highly-optimized ad campaigns. If you’re not careful, you’ll run up a massive bill in no time, and might not even have the results to show for it.

We have several straight-forward options to promote your business or service, friendly for any budget.

Have another idea, not listed below? We’d love to hear it! We can work with you to create something tailor-made.

Advertising Opportunities

Aside from signing up for a Business Page, or Vendor Store, there are three main ways to advertise: Ad Placements, Sponsored Webinars, or Raffle Items.

Ad Placements

Ad placements can be purchased by duration, and get randomly rotated throughout users' activity feed, and the left sidebar. You'll be able to self-purchase, upload your image, and assign a url to where it should link. You'll also be able to track performance reporting.

1 Day (24 hours) – $25
1 Week (7 days) – $150
1 Month (30 days) – $500


Webinars must be free to users, and should typically run 30-45 minutes, with time left for Q&A. These allow you to act as a subject matter expert, and create a great platform to organically plug your product or service. A webinar should be hosted live, at least once, and can be recorded through Zoom. The recorded webinar can then be left on the site for future users to watch on-demand, from that time onward.

$100 one-time fee,
with 30 day access to users


Raffles are a great way to introduce your product/service to new customers. You'll provide an item of your choice, which users can purchase raffle tickets for. Examples might include actual product, or gift certificates.

No cost to supplier

Sponsor an Event

There are two ways to sponsor an event: Page Wrapping, and in-event placement.

If you choose to wrap a page, it will have an image representing the event in the header, along with your logo. The side columns and header background will be made to match your brand colors (2).

In-event will feature your semi-transparent logo, with special thanks, at the start & end of the event.

All sponsors, regardless of type, will be displayed on our listed sponsors page.